• Success Stories

    • Jonathans' Journey to Recovery
      Oct 13, 2016
      Jonathan was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident and was admitted to the ER for treatment. His condition was so serious he required a tracheostomy and full... Read More
    • William S: Going Home Again
      Oct 13, 2016
       William was admitted to Kindred Hospital after being hospitalized for acute respiratory failure due to congestive heart failure. When he arrived he was very weak and... Read More
    • Mr. Hammond Goes Home!
      Oct 20, 2015
      Mr. Hammond was admitted to Kindred Hospital Tomball for treatment of a gangrenous wound. The placement of his wound made mobility very painful and very difficult.Rehab... Read More
    • Roger: Strong Will and Determination Pay Off
      Oct 20, 2015
      Roger was admitted to Kindred Hospital Tomball after a complicated hospital stay due to West-Nile virus resulting in respiratory failure. Prior to admission Roger received a... Read More
    • Success for Mr. Becker
      Oct 20, 2015
      Mr. Becker was admitted to Kindred Hospital Tomball to recover from a COPD exacerbation and pneumonia. He was also suffering from abdominal pain due to recent hernia... Read More
    • Mrs. B: A Quick Stay Before Going Back Home To Her Family
      Oct 20, 2015
      Mrs. B Was admitted to Kindred Hospital Tomball after complications from heart surgery left her with respiratory failure requiring a tracheostomy and feeding tube placement.... Read More
    • Mr. L: On The Road To Recovery
      Oct 20, 2015
      Mr. L was admitted to Kindred Tomball for treatment of respiratory failure requiring tracheostomy and peg tube as well as extended mechanical ventilation. Prior to this... Read More
    • Chris: A Miraculous Recovery In Just Two Weeks
      Aug 15, 2015
      Chris admitted to Kindred Tomball on a ventilator due to respiratory failure. Chris was agitated, required restraints, and was receiving nutrition through a feeding... Read More
    • John: Everyone Worked Together
      Jan 01, 2014
      John was working on his farm. He hopped off his tractor to shut a gate and his tractor kept moving.“I tried to jump on it, like a dummy, and fell,” John said. “The tractor... Read More
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